European Union gear up for strict emission laws

The European Parliament is ready to impose stricter vehicle emissions law for the all EU countries. The verdict on the proposed regulation is expected in first week of February 2016, and is for all passenger cars and commercial vehicles, manufacturing in European Union countries and importing from United States and Japanese cars as well.

The proposed regulations would test emissions under conditions closer to the real world starting in 2017, but they also would allow automakers to produce up to 50 percent over the mandated nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels. The measure was a compromise created by the EU and automakers and still requires ratification by the European Parliament.

Proponents of the new rules argue that coming up with tighter regulations could take years, and accepting the proposed compromise at least allows for some progress on vehicle emissions. However, environmental advocates claim that the proposal is too weak.

Research indicates that the tests under the current New European Driving Cycle are woeful at lining up with real-world levels of NOx emissions. The EU has been working to close the loophole by moving to a more realistic evaluation, but the political process has been slow because lobbying groups for automakers vehemently pushed back against the changes, are too strict that will push dowd the sales of new cars.

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