Govt. of Japan aiming strict rules for Made in Japan wine

The Japanese authorities are drawing up new rules for labeling domestically-produced wine. The rules will come into effect in October. The rule will allow only wine made entirely from domestically-grown grapes to be labeled as “Made in Japan.”

The new rules will require 85 percent or more of the grapes to come from the region described on the label. The wine will have to have been produced in a winery in the region. The definition of Japanese wine has never been clarified. Currently, to qualify for the “Made in Japan” label, wine simply has to be made in the country.

The government authority is aiming to make labels easier to understand as more consumers are selecting wine based on grape variety or area of production. By imposing strict rule, the authorities hope to increase the value of Japanese wine to boost exports. Major wine producers in Japan have already started domestic vineyards to produce more “Japanese wine” under the new rules.