Japanese Vehicle Grade Verification Certificate

Japanese Vehicle Variant Verifications Certificate

Japanese automakers manufactures different variants of a specific model for the choice of buyer. Variants are created to improve the offerings to suit different customers choice and budget. Each of the variants have their own specifications and features. Basic variant models come with simple features, While higher grade/variant models come with almost everything, starting from GPS, Reverse camera, Super music system and whole lot of other features.

For example, 2022 model Toyota Alphard was available in 7 different models/variants as: X, S, GF, S-C, SC-Package, Executive Lounge and Executive Lounge-S. The price of each model/variant was different. Price for top model is almost double of basic model of 2022 Toyota Alphard.

However, sometime buyer are worried if they are getting right variant/grade vehicle they paid for, and sellers has not changed the emblem of low variant/low grade vehicles to high grade/high variant vehicle. To avoid “car-grade-fraud” or “car-variant-fraud” verification certificate for each unit can be issue.

Japan Inspection Organization (JIO) issued “Vehicle Grade Verification Certificate” also called “VGVC”. This certificate is available for all Make & Models of Japanese Domestic Model vehicles only. This Organization cannot issue VGVC for non-Japanese models and non-domestic models as well.


PDF by Email: Japanese Yen 10,000 (currency exchange rate)

Hard copy by speed courier: Japanese Yen 15,000 (currency exchange rate)

Fee is accepted by Credit card and by Bank remittance.


  • Fill-up the Application form (print here) and send scanned copy of application form either by Email to: inquiry@japaninspection.org or by fax No. 03-5481-1660.
  • The verification from relevant agencies/authorities will take 5-8 working days.
  • Verification document will be sent by Email attachment soon after verification process is completed.
  • Hard copy will be sent by FedEx/EMS to overseas address, and by Japan post or Takkyubin to a local address in Japan.

* Vehicle grade verification certificate for some vehicle(s) may not available. In such case, 100% fee will be refund.

How to pay fee:

Fee is accepted by (1) Credit card (2) Bank transfer (wire transfer / telegraphic transfer).
Accepted Credit cards: Visa card, Master card, JCB card, American Express, Diners Card.
For fee payment by credit card, click credit card icon at below:

For Bank transfer (wire transfer / telegraphic transfer) send the fee to following Japanese Bank Account:

※Please note that bank remittance charges shall be paid by the applicant.
※Please note that Beneficiary Name must be printed in English language.

For account detail in Japanese language see below:

Bank Account

Send inquiry for vehicle recall verification by Email: inquiry@japaninspection.org