Ministry of Environment Japan selected 20 City-to-City Collaboration Projects to support the decarbonization of overseas cities

May 24, 2022

  • The Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan, has been conducting the City-to-City Collaboration Projects to support decarbonization in developing countries by utilizing Japanese cities’ experiences and expertise related to decarbonization.
  • MOE Japan called for applications for the City-to-City Collaboration Projects and selected 20 projects from 23 applications.
  • Since MOE Japan launched this project in 2013, 43 cities/regions (mainly 13 Asian countries) and 19 Japanese cities, including the results of this time, have participated in this project.

Project outline

The purpose of this project is to offer Japanese cities’ experiences and expertise related to decarbonization, and to effectively and efficiently support decarbonization in cities of developing countries. In collaboration with Japanese research institutions, private companies, and universities, Japanese cities promote introduction of decarbonization technologies and research toward utilization of decarbonization services. In addition, Japanese cities will support overseas cities in capacity building for decarbonization through cooperation in their planning, evaluating technologies, and sharing selection process. By implementing this project, MOE Japan will strongly promote an international decarbonization domino effect that will spread from the Japanese cities to the overseas cities.

Screening results

Application period: April 5, 2022, to April 26, 2022
Number of applications: 23
Number of selected projects: 20

Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan