Seaworthiness Certificate for Ship

Cargo ships entering docks or a Japanese port in Japanese sea are required to carry inspection regularly to ensure that they comply with international maritime safety and environmental protection regulations.The security and the safety of an ocean vessel for cargo purpose is very important. Japan Inspection Organization conduct inspection of cargo ship and issue the seaworthiness certificate.

 The certificate is issued to those ocean vessels that are fit to travel across the ocean for the purpose of transporting freight. have sound engineering, safe design, enough space for the freight. With these requirements, a ship can embark on safe journey across the sea.

To help determine the seaworthiness of a vessel, the Certificate of Seaworthiness can be issued. This certificate is vital for ocean freight security. The JIO inspectors will carries out a seaworthiness survey of vessel. When the Surveyors are satisfied for the vessel seaworthiness, a certificate of seaworthiness is issued by Japan Inspection Organization.

Fee: Inspection and certificate fee vary depend on size of vessel.
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