Vehicle Recall Verification

If auto-maker or the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “MLIT” in Japan determines that a vehicle or its equipment pose a safety risk or do not meet motor vehicle safety standards of Japan, the vehicle is recalled for fixing the issue. The recalls can include the vehicle, equipment such as air bags, tires, mechanical issue, brake or even a car seat. Auto manufacturing companies in Japan are required to file a detailed report of defect on a particular model.

The automobile recall is a system in which automobile manufacturers take remedial measures for defective models in order to prevent accidents, breakdowns, and pollution caused by defects in the design or production of automobiles. The automobile companies’ voluntary announced the defected model(s) or Ministry sometimes point out the defect in a model.

Japan Inspection Organization “JIO” issued Recall Verification with complete reason of recall including detail information about defected part of a vehicle.


PDF by Email: Japanese Yen 10,000 (currency exchange rate)

Hard copy by speed courier: Japanese Yen 15,000 (currency exchange rate)

Fee is accepted by Credit card and by Bank remittance.


  • Fill-up the Application form (print here) and send scanned copy of application form either by Email to: or by fax No. 03-5481-1660.
  • The verification from relevant agencies/authorities will take 5-8 working days.
  • Verification document will be sent by Email attachment soon after verification process is completed.
  • Hard copy will be sent by FedEx/EMS to overseas address, and by Japan post or Takkyubin to a local address in Japan.

* Recall verification for some vehicle(s) may not available. In such case, 100% fee will be refund.

How to pay fee:

Fee is accepted by (1) Credit card (2) Bank transfer (wire transfer / telegraphic transfer).
Accepted Credit cards: Visa card, Master card, JCB card, American Express, Diners Card.
For fee payment by credit card, click credit card icon at below:

For Bank transfer (wire transfer / telegraphic transfer) send the fee to following Japanese Bank Account:

※Please note that bank remittance charges shall be paid by the applicant.
※Please note that Beneficiary Name must be printed in English language.

For account detail in Japanese language see below:

Bank Account

Send inquiry for vehicle recall verification by Email: