Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin SpecimenThe “Certificate of Origin” also called “CO” or “COO” is required to import “Made in Japan” products in most international trading, and required to benefit traders from EPA, TPA, FTP and so on. The Japan inspection Organization (JIO) issue “Country of Origin Certificate”. In order to apply Certificate of Origin, the products must be “Made in Japan” and “Assembled in Japan” with more than 60% parts of Japan origin. The product that cannot pass this standard, is not eligible to get Certificate of Origin. In order to apply for a certificate, please fill in the form here (Print here). The form must be completed by the exporter itself or by the shipping agent. The COO will be certified by this Organization, that the merchandise in a particulate exported shipment has been wholly produced, manufactured, and processed in Japan. This Organization does not issue the certificate for goods that are shipped from Japan, but were not “Made in Japan”. If the goods were produced in two or more countries, the Certificate of Origin will be issue if more than 51 percent production process and the last working or processing is carried out in Japan.
Important information regarding Made in Japan Wine

Certificate of Origin fee: The fee is Japanese Yen 30,000 per certificate (see currency exchange rate).
How to pay fee: Payment from overseas countries is accepted by (1) Credit card (2) Bank transfer (wire transfer / telegraphic transfer). However payment within Japan is accepted by Bank transfer only.
For fee payment by credit card, click credit card icon at below:
Accepted Credit cards: Visa card, Master card, JCB card, American Express, Diners Card.

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The certificate fee is also accepted by Bank transfer (wire transfer / telegraphic transfer) at below Japanese Bank Account:

※Please note that bank remittance charges shall be paid by the applicant.
※Please note that Beneficiary Name must be printed in English language.

For account detail in Japanese language see below:
Bank Account
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