Japan Inspection Organization

The Japan Inspection Organization (JIO) provides inspection for Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Agriculture Machinery, Equipments, Instruments, Electronic Components, Vessels, Helicopter, and Aircraft. This Organization has nationwide network in Japan to conduct physical inspection of goods schedule to export from Japan and pre-purchase inspection as well.

Auto inspectionJapan Inspection Organization (JIO) carry inspection of second hand Japanese cars and non-Japanese cars to ensure overall condition of Automobile and its roadworthiness. The car appraisal will also include engine check and test drive, and inspection report is available online after completion of inspection process. An Appointment for inspection schedule is required in advance. For detail contact relevant department either in English or Japanese language.

COC CertificateThe Japan Inspection Organization (JIO) also issue Certificate of Conformity (COC) or Type Approval Certificate also called certificate of compliance, and certificate of conformance for Japanese vehicles schedule to export or already exported from Japan. The Certificate of Conformity (COC) will also issue for non-Japanese vehicles once registered in Japan. The COC is endorsed by “National Agency for Road Safety and Emission Protection” for those vehicles meet the compliance set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “MILT” in Japan for less emission exhaust to protect global warming and air pollution free society for human health.

 Radiation inspection of exporting vehicles/products:

Radiation inspectionRadiation CertificateThe radioactive leakage from the “Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant” after Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, some cases were reported where exports arrived in foreign countries from Japan, are subjected to carry radiation inspection be accompanied by a radiation inspection certificate issued by this Organization. To prevent excessive safeguards taken by other Governments, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “METI” in Japan is explaining the safety of Japanese products. At the same time, METI has advised to the exporters and Japan Inspection Company to carefully watch regulatory development in destination countries. The Japan Inspection Organisation conduct the “Radiation inspection” to ensure the safety of vehicle/goods schedule to export from Japan is less than 0.3 micro sievert per hour scale.